GOTSHIP Logistics AB offers specialized services in handling any type of temperature controlled cargo, frozen or chilled.

We are on our toes to the markets demand and can quickly adjust the rates to give you as an importer the competitive edge.
We handle all from fresh flowers to frozen meat, fish and vegetables

The globalization and its associated growth in trade have led to the development of several new markets for the import and export of temperature sensitive goods: Namely vegetables, fresh flowers, fruits, diary, meat, fish and seafood products. We offer multiple sailings and good transit times from all major ports to and from Sweden.

GOTSHIP Logistics AB has created tailor made solutions adding value for our customers such as:
- Pre-carriage/On carriage and export documentation 
- Worldwide ocean freight 
- Customs brokerage and documentation


- Cold-storage and stock control 
- Palletizing, sorting and re-packing and inventory control
- Veterinary checks


- On-carriage
- Expertise in reefer commodities handling 
- Comprehensive network of offices and agents in reefer handling
- Shipping insurance 



Please get in contact with our personal team for food logistics. Foodlogistics@gotshiplogistics.se